Mountain Wave: A Beer for Anywhere, Anytime

Author: Dustin Ramey, Director of Sales
Artwork & Photography by (unless otherwise noted): Stacey McMahan, Marketing Manager


One day, while myself and a few of the 4 Noses staff were in a meeting discussing upcoming events and future releases - and “presumably” drinking beers - we took a look at the current line up and wondered if we are missing anything. Our ethos here at 4 Noses is that if we’re inspired by something or want to try a new method, we should just go for it. Experimentation has always been central to our belief system, and something that always keeps our teams on their toes.

After a little bit of back and forth, the conversation started to steer towards identifying any holes in our current lineup, especially anything we’ve been wanting to try but didn’t have the tank space for prior. After more back and forth, and “presumably” a few more beers, an idea surfaced in the discussion.

Where did the pale ale go?

One of my all time favorite Pale Ale, from Buena Vista’s Eddyline Brewery. Source: Eddyline Brewery

I have a small theory, and take it for the smallest grain of salt you can find: the pale ale was destroyed by the New England/Hazy IPA. With this style sporting a less bitter profile paired with less alcohol, it positions itself almost exactly like a pale ale, but with significantly more hype. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate this style and have enjoyed more than my fair share - especially of the New England IPAs we’ve produced here - but as the beer world continues to spin ever faster, it can be easy to lose sight of more traditional styles that were previously beloved staples. But, I digress.

With this thought in mind, I decided to follow this rabbit hole a bit further. How can we resurrect the “fabled” Pale Ale? What could we do to make it uniquely our own? Immediately one of our latest beers, Science In Progress, came to mind. Aptly named, this brew focused on showcasing new refined hop products to brew a quirky, if not slightly eccentric, IPA full of sapid coconut and pineapple. Could we use these refined hops to produce a restrained Pale Ale?

Neurons started firing, and ideas sparked to life, specifically around our outdoors-centric lifestyles here in Colorado. What do we need while camping, fishing, hiking or boating? What do we need while pre-gaming a Red Rocks rocks show in the parking lot? What do we need après skiing?

We need something that has bit less alcohol than a standard IPA, but is still approachable as such.  We need a beer that’s perfect for anyone that’s anywhere – a go to, crushable beer that hits all the notes sung by hazy boys, crispy boys, and beer novices alike. And, we need something that doesn’t cost a fortune to make to increase that approachableness. Enter: the American Mosaic Ale.


Mountain Wave, the first American Mosaic Ale, answered all of these questions for us. At only 5% and 30 IBUs we can sit in our camp chair and have a few of these without wrecking our pallet before a wonderfully cooked cast iron dinner. We can crush a few of these tailgating before a Red Rocks show in the glazing heat and feel fully refreshed and quenched.





Utilizing a refined Mosaic product, we gain access to taste all of the intricate hop flavors interwoven into this simple yet sturdy grain bill. The Mosaic aroma is massive, which allows the lucky drinker to sample with your nose before it even hits your palate. It can almost trick you into thinking that you have something hoppy in your cup, yet carries a very easy drinkability to it. Most of the hops were added after flame out as to not add too much bitterness but add nice touches of papaya and tangerine flavors.

We think this beer is perfect for all adventures. With low bitterness, low alcohol and lower price, this a day drinker and night drinker alike. Mountain Wave showcases the delicacy of the Mosaic hops wonderfully without throwing flavor away. Balanced and Easy, and perfect for your next adventure.  

Now available on tap in our Broomfield taproom and look for the 6-packs at most larger liquor stores in Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs!

Available now in 6-packs!

Available now in 6-packs!